Cloud4SOA is providing an open semantic interoperable framework for Platform as a Service (PaaS) developers and providers, capitalizing on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), lightweight semantics and user-centric design and development principles.

The Cloud4SOA system supports Cloud-based application developers with multiplatform matchmaking, management, monitoring and migration by semantically interconnecting heterogeneous PaaS offerings across different providers that share the same technology.

These are value-added capabilities for the developer that facilitate the access and lifecycle management to the PaaS offering that best matches their computational needs, as well as empowering them with application portability in contrast to vendor lock-in. The results push towards a more open and dynamic market segment for rising PaaS providers and their potential developers.


PaaS and its Interoperable Potential


Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a novel, rapidly growing segment in the Cloud computing market, that enables software developers to create (develop or integrate), deploy, execute, and manage business applications, using a service provided by a third party. However, the diversity and heterogeneity of today’s existing PaaS offerings raises several interoperability challenges and makes it difficult for software developers to identify the platform that best fits their needs.

Furthermore, the actual PaaS market segment is still quite young, chaotic and highly fragmented, dominated by a few providers which use and promote incompatible standards and formats. This introduces adoption barriers due to the lock-in issues that prevent the portability of data and software from one PaaS to another, “locking” software developers to the first provider they use. Developers indeed require more flexibility. They do not only need to deploy applications into a specific Cloud platform, but also to migrate applications from one platform to another, as well as to distribute related applications across multiple PaaS.
Even on the vendor side, the very same “lock-in” is greatly limiting the entry of new PaaS providers with innovative offerings, due to the high switching costs that their competition’s customers have before them.
The current state of the PaaS landscape is therefore far from a global arena open to every player. Reducing the interoperability and portability barriers between different vendors constitutes an important step for realizing the potential of an open market global vision for Cloud computing and their platforms. This is the target of the Cloud4SOA European research project.

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